Big Data

We have years of experience developing, implementing and maintaining Big Data solutions, having pioneered installations involving multi-petabyte data warehouses. Our Big Data solutions incorporate strategy and roadmap definition, technology evaluation, continuous delivery methodology, data visualization and analytics, and data governance. The Only Tool You Need: An End-to-End Solution Save your time and money, and spare yourself the headache. Adroit has the full spectrum of data discovery functionality under one self-service roof: Integration, preparation and profiling, analytics, visualization, and yes, also data export. We even integrate with other tools already in your warehouse. Why pay for a bunch of disparate tools that don't work well together? We Hadoop, So You Don't Have To Hadoop itself is hard, but you wouldn't know it with Adroit on top. Our intuitive spreadsheet interface gives you self-service big data discovery functionality, while the power of HDFS, MapReduce and other Hadoop execution engines are leveraged under the hood and out of sight..